Genders Don’t Play Sports, Athletes Do

Just saw this commercial during the NCAA mens’  basketballs tournament with the tag line “genders don’t play sports, athletes do” (above).  That’s exactly what everyone was thinking until you said it….that gender has nothing to do with sports.  At no point during the Xaviar game was I thinking about cock, but now I am.  All I was thinking about was how I shouldn’t have invested 4 hours of my life into predicting something I know nothing about.  This commercial screams for attention; and the worst part is no one will ever care about girls sports.  It doesn’t mean women should stop playing, it’s just that the majority of people don’t fucking care.  For instance, I am decent at chess, but I don’t buy TV spots during the national chess championship to announce “smart people don’t play chess, board-players do”.

This article was written by Hugh Honey. Vic Vinegar is now finished.

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