Young Cash Out


Classic Random Example of an Estranged Wife

The words ‘belated’ and ‘estranged’ are in a world of their own.  They carry broad definitions, yet they are only used to describe a mediocre birthday wish and the status of convicted criminals’ ex wives.  No one ever says happy belated Christmas or happy belated 4th of July.  Just like no one ever calls a law abiding citizen’s ex wife ‘estranged’.  The only time your ex wife becomes estranged is when you end up in the New York Post for fraud and they need to explain how your estranged wife is a victim.  It’s like how you only hear a rapper’s God given name when they are looking at 25 to life.

“Recently Christopher Joseph Banks, formerly know as Young Cash Out, was tried on 29 felony counts of aggravated assault and armed robbery.  His estranged wife, Sophie Margolus, is currently working with authorities to ensure his conviction.  She wishes all a happy belated New Year.”

This article was written by Hugh Honey. Vic Vinegar is now finished.

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