Trained to Fail



NJ Transit stations like Hoboken and Secaucus have the most obtusely grand presentations imaginable.  How does the 35 foot high atrium benefit the bums ducking from the cold; or anybody for that matter?  There are people who are internally negotiating the cost of a train ride to Midland Park from Hoboken VS the money they will make working in Midland Park.  All the while they are sitting in a 50,000 square foot arena filled with bums which serves no other purpose than to mock its customers.  These train stations took a page right out of Bank of America’s playbook.  I’ve walked into banks where there is a 50 foot ceiling, 12 teller booths, and one cat working.  They could have easily leased a fucking bagel shop down the road and met up with the same ends.  Then these NJ Transit mopes have the vigor to publicly announce that they are running out of money, like NJ Transit is a fucking favor to the people and we are the ones running them dry.  How about you sell off the football stadium lobby, and use the proceeds to lower the cost of a round trip.  Cunts.

This article was written by Hugh Honey. Vic Vinegar is now finished.

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