Why Don’t We Teach Personal Finance in School?


2When I was in grade school they would constantly teach “stop, drop, and roll”;  I was put under the impression that through life I would frequently be fully on fire.  You know, just casually walking to the store – batting out flames.  When I was in grade school, they would teach us how to dissect a frog corpse; I took it as a sign that as I grew older I would often have to point out frog intestines in order to collect a paycheck.  When I was in grade school there were things that they failed to teach – not once in my 17 years of schooling was I presented with a Bank of America home loan, or a tax form, or even a checkbook.  Americans as a whole can fill out a loan application in perfect cursive, but they have no idea what APR stands for.  Why is personal finance not taught as a requirement, but dodge-ball is?  Fat people will eat no matter how many times they get stung with a red sphere cutting through the air like a bullet in water.  It’s a lost cause to require gym, but personal finance isn’t.  People wonder why there was a mortgage and loan crisis in 2008, when people where using adjustable rate mortgages to buy homes they couldn’t afford.  You have a guy that can surgically remove a frog’s butt hole, but he’s in $450,000 of debt because he was never quizzed on Bank of America’s tom foolery.  It’s insane.

This article was written by Hugh Honey. Vic Vinegar is now finished.

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