Oldest Dog is 25 Years Old

oldest dog in the worldThe Sun – Glenice Bagley shows off 25-year-old Sheba, which she claims is the oldest dog in the world.

I thought (1) dog year = (7) human years??  That formula would put this pooch at a-buck-seventy-five.  The oldest person on record clocked out at 122 years old.  So if we are comparing dog years to human years: then we have to divide [122 (oldest human) / 25 (oldest dog) = 4.88].  (1) dog year = 4.88 human years; not fucking 7.

So why have I been doing asshole math my whole life, adding an extra +2 years to my dog’s age every year?  That’s fucked up.  Now I know why Vince looks so P/O’d in his last birthday picture, because we had 40 candles on the cake.  Poor guy is really in his late twenties.  Sorry buddy, blueberry muffins on me all week.

This article was written by Hugh Honey. Vic Vinegar is now finished.

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